Project Overview

Aximion is the project that incorporates within itself important aspects of the web and desktop UI paradigms with 3D space into a completely new concept. It not only uses a well known UI element but also brings a new ideas like areas of interest, avatars and a new objects life-cycle. Desktops or area of interest are something like well known desktops but with ability to contain some kind of interactive elements - avatars, which can be customized in a very different ways. The name 'Avatar' was choosen because these elements act as a visual representation of some entity and this representation may vary. In these desktops user can put together different avatars which belong to a some particular area of interest, for example work project. A visual representation of avatars can be easily changed by a user and can be a simple line of text or icon as well as something like a minimalistic application - depending of what user needs.


In the Aximion's space each visual element can have an unique address, the same way as any page in the web has its own URL. With this ability Aximion provides a features, which are impossible in desktop UIs - navigation history and links to any object. At the same time each object does not exist only in run-time when you open something but also able to retain its state between sessions so you can get back to them whenever you need as long as you keep some reference to it. That means that in our system you don't simply run programs as you do in a regular desktop OS but you create, change, organize and delete objects them depending on your needs as though you construct your own virtual world.

Another part of Aximion is a themes. The theme is a 3D model which currently acts simply as a 3D wallpaper. These themes can be designed and modeled by third-parties with the help of various modeling software, such as 3S Studio Max. Aximion currently supports only a static models but we have intention to integrate it with the main Aximion's user interface, brining more life to your virtual words.


As for devices, 3D gears and wide screens are the most important places where we are planing to unleash the potential of our project.

Though, Aximion Prototype is ready for download and testing we are still experementing with different ideas and every aspect or behaviour of the project is a subject to change and that's why your feedback is very important for us.

P.S. Probably you remember previows generation of Aximion that implemented integrating regular Windows desktop into a 3D space. After long time rethinking we concluded that such approach has no future because of different current and future limitations imposed by OS and we decided to create a completely new UI environment where we have all freedom we need to implement any ideas we come up with. That's why Aximion 3.0, at least for now, doesn't provide any integration with the regular desktop UI.

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