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Aximion is back!

After years of research and development we are ready to present you the prototype of Aximion 3.0. It’s not just a result of evolution of previous versions but a completely new paradigm of UI. Aximions prior to 3.0 were just a 3D environment that integrates native windows into it but Aximion 3.0 is much more than this - it does not integrate with OS, at least for now, but attempts to create independent environment with its own objects, rules and concepts without any restrictions imposed by OS and its legacy objects’ life-cycle. Think of this project as a system future UI concept independent from any OS and targeting 3D gears and big monitors.

Current build is available here
Windows Vista and above are supported.

Remember, that this is still just a prototype - not even alpha so it’s unstable.
If you face any issues launching Aximion it may mean that database is corrupted. In this case you can use Start Menu item “Restore profile to the default state” to reset the database.

The concept is far from final state so any aspect of Aximion 3.0 is subject to change and we are always open for your comments and suggestions. Feel free to contact us via this form

10 Aug 2017

*  *  *

Environment Development Kit updated to 1.2.0 version

This EDK can be used to create custom environments(3d themes) for the Aximion using Autodesk 3d Studio Max. It is tested on the 3d Studio Max 2010 only.

2 Jul 2011

*  *  *

Aximion 2.0 Alpha released

This is first release with Vista/Windows7 and multi-monitor support and it is mostly intended for the testing purpose.
So don`t hesitate any feedback from you will be appreciated.

2 Feb 2011

*  *  *

Announcement: Aximion 2.0
These three major features will be introduced in Aximion 2.0:

- Vista/Win7 support
- Multidesktops
- Native desktop integration

Planned release date is 1 Dec 2010

27 Sep 2010

*  *  *

The Aximion 1.2 RC1 released
Use this to download install package
Or this to download portable version
- 3d taskbar temporary removed and replaced with the native Windows taskbar to allow access to its features
- Options were redesigned
- Usability and stability improved
- On-line help added
- New version check added
- "Always on top" support added
- Windows minimization improved
- This version is 26 day trial

18 May 2010

*  *  *

Aximion Theme DevKit
We have released first version of Aximion Theme DevKit.
It provides tools and samples to create custom themes for the Aximion using Autodesk 3ds Max.
This is preliminary version and it was tested on 3ds Max 2009 only.
To download Theme DevKit now use this direct link

10 Dec 2009

*  *  *

Aximion menu Urgent update
Due to some nasty bug the Aximion crashed whenever a user has tried to click on the Options icon.
So please download latest release with necessary bug fixes

29 Oct 2009

*  *  *

The Aximion 1.1.241 Beta2 released
You can use this direct link to download install package(for Windows XP 32bit/64bit)
Features and improvements:
  - Now supports Windows XP 64 bit
  - Dramatically minimized video memory usage
  - "Fuzzy" effect fixed and windows looks as original
  - User can now move aqcuired windows
  - Interaction is more fast
  - Windows taskbar is now accessible for user
  - It is possible now to switch to Windows and back without exiting from Aximion
  - Added four types of 3d objects arrangement
  - Added configurations
  - Added a workaround for "always on top" windows
  - Improved stability by removing some unstable low-level components

18 Oct 2009

*  *  *

The Aximion 1.1.174 Beta2 with critical fixes released
You can use this direct link to download install package(for Windows XP 32bit)
  - Now supports more types of video adapters
  - Fixed bug that could cause overall screen flashing
  - On a several adapters this release works much faster than previous ones

1 Apr 2009

*  *  *

Aximion The Aximion 1.1.158 Beta2 is now available
There are many core changes were implemented:
  - Multi thread support
  - Taskbar has some design modifications
  - Various performance, stability and usability fixes

14 Mar 2009

*  *  *

The next public release Aximion 1.1 Beta will be available for downloading soon.
It is more stable release and many features were added but it still has some limitations:
  - Windows XP 32bit SP1/SP2/SP3 supported
  - Significant usability improvements implemented
  - Taskbar and 3d Alt-Tab added
  - Graphics quality improved
  - Still consumes a bit(near 0-5%) of CPU/GPU power on middle-end platforms

19 Oct 2008

*  *  *

Aximion The first public version 1.0.13 of Aximion is now available for downloading.
It is unstable release has number of limitations and can be run on Windows XP SP2 only.
Please, use this site or Feedback to send your opinions, it is very important for us.
You can download Aximion 1.0.13 here

1 Apr 2008

*  *  *

Our forum is started in a test mode.

23 Feb 2008

*  *  *

The Aximion first public alpha release v1.0.3 will be available for downloading and testing soon. It now supports only Windows XP Service Pack 2.

30 Sep 2007

*  *  *

Site was totally rebuilded. New design used. The forum is still under development but we are sure it won`t take a lot of time.

9 Aug 2007
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