Here you can download latest public releases of Aximion.
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Aximion 3.0 Prototype (Vista/7/8/10, 32/64 bit)

System requirements:

1. Windows 7 32/64 bit or later
2. DirectX 9.0 installed
3. A video card that supports:
  • DirectX 9.0
  • Vertex Shaders 1.4 and Pixel Shaders 2.0
  • At least 128 Mb of on-board video memory

Latest Aximion releases

Name Size Link
Installation for Windows Vista/7/8/10, 32/64 bit
13.0 MB


Name Size Link
Provides tools and samples to create custom themes for the Aximion using Autodesk 3ds Max
9.0 MB

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